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At Sterling Capital, we conveniently offer clients the opportunity to access their accounts and trade through online trading. This enables the buying and selling of shares from the convenience of an internet connection. You have the ability to transact online in real time on our portal.

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As an online registered client with Sterling, you shall be able to:

  • Access live market feed.
  • Place bids & offers anywhere & anytime.
  • Evaluate your portfolio holdings & value.
  • View transaction statement in real-time.
  • Request for payment to Sterling for shares sold.

To register, all you need is your CDSC number, National ID/Passport number or Certificate of Incorporation.



To successfully register, undertake the following steps.


  • GO to our online share trading webpage:


Click on Register now


  • It will bring a pop up where you are supposed to fill in your details as per your registration with sterling (CDS code, ID no/Passport no/ Incorporation no & Email address). After filling in you details click submit.


  • It will prompt another pop up with your details, fill in you Desired Username then click Check Availability. If it’s available, proceed to create your account. If it’s not then fill in another username that is available and then create your account.


  • After creating your account, you will be prompted by the General Terms and Conditions page for Online Share Trading. Read through the terms and agree if they are acceptable with you. Finally, you will see a pop up showing the account creation has been successful, also you required to fill in a mandate form and sign. This form is attached to this kindly fill in and sign, then send it to us via email.


  • Proceed to write an email to requesting for your account to be activated and the same will be done.



  • Go to our online share trading webpage:


  • Click on Forgot Password?

After submitting you should see “Request submitted successfully.” This is if you have filled the right details.

If you have filled the wrong details you should see “You have provided incorrect information. Please enter the correct details to proceed.” If you need assistance in identifying the correct details, kindly drop an email to requesting for the same and our customer care team will respond accordingly.

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  1. AL
    January 12, 2023

    What commission percentage do you charge for stock trading?

  2. Japheth Agwata
    May 4, 2023

    Interested to be part of investment team, more information please

  3. Enock Machoka
    September 26, 2023


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